Sunday, 25 November 2012

Operation parsnip update.....

As some of you will know that have the read the blog from the start...and shame on you if you havn't!!! I am growing parsnips. Now this is an amazing achievement as I kill everything, but needless to say I approached this task with confidence, and Google close to hand. I love parsnips, and would eat them all the time, so the desire to grow them was selfish, but also profitable I felt.

The fraggles have needs, and if I can fulfil these for money then I will try..Parsnips are one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. Many fraggles love them, and last year I watched as countless people drove around the island in search of the mysterious parsnip. Therefore I decided that I would grow them, meet the demand and help to pay the bills in Casa Chaos.

One problem with my plan, I am not patient, and parsnips take forever to grow!!! and of course they are underground so how do I know they are growing at all!!! gardening is stressful, I have no idea how Alan Titchmarsh remains so calm.

I Googled how do you tell when Parsnips are ready, and one site said to gently tug at the parsnip, which I did....and it appeared out of the ground, ooops too much tugging, oh well I now have  a parsnip in my hand, and in all fairness it looks good, it actually looks like a I sound shocked hell yeah!

So, operation parsnip appears to be going well, and hopefully I will get orders for them, or we will be eating parsnips on Christmas day, boxing day and every day after that....

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