Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Gates

I decided yesterday that I have reached a new level of sad, as I was so excited when my new gates were finished. Everything in Casa Chaos has to be done on a budget, and even then the budget is tiny, therefore, it is incredible that anything gets done to be honest. However, we had coped for long enough attempting to keep jack and jill in one orchard with bits of wood and old fence.

The guys that came to do the gates were brilliant, they knew that we had a tiny budget, and attempted to keep the costs down. We recycled so much stuff that was just laying around, and thankfully they were up for seeing what they could make from old bits of metal. If you find someone that has the same mentality as you, it is always better, for both the environment and your pocket.

I had forgotten how much tea workmen drink but after 2 days, numerous cups of tea, several mandarins, which they claim just fell into their hands, I have new shiny gates. Now these gates may not be winning any innovation awards, however, they are new, open and close and lock. We have real bolts and hinges, which is amazing.

I found myself staring at the gates in awe, and slowly opening and closing them to see how well they work, and at this point I considered that maybe I had gone insane. Oh how my life has changed as at one time I would never have spent so long gazing at some metal. I slowly stepped away from the gates, walking backwards so I could continue to see them every step, and sneaking a last peek, before returning up stairs.

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  1. I know just how you feel. I remember the feeling when i stepped back to admire our Composter. here on the Island you tend to look at things in a total different perspective when you have been here for a while. :-)