Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Breeding rabbits

Ok, I am beginning to think that I know very little about many subjects, as I always believed that rabbits breed a lot, hence why people say "breed like rabbits" however, there is no breeding going on at casa chaos. Before getting Miss Thunderpussy I Googled, and it all seemed quite complicated, therefore, I turned to a Spanish guy I know and asked his opinion.

In all fairness it was his idea in the first place to breed rabbits, and he advised to just "throw her in with the others, and let them get on with it" now this seemed far easier, and more sensible. So, we did, Miss Thunderpussy now has some friends, but we don't appear to be having any babies. She has been in there for 2 months, and nothing, not a sniff, SO, back to Google I will go.

I have a dreaded thought that I will need to extend Casa Stew, and build another area, for Miss Thunderpussy to be placed separately, and then added for breeding. Why can'y even my rabbits just get on with it, cause me no headaches, and produce what they are supposed to! If I didnt want babies, I would have hundreds....

So, operation build another wing of Casa Stew will need to be scheduled, I havnt told my husband yet, I might just leave that for later, when he is in a good mood, and hope that he smiles and wanders off to get a hammer!

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