Monday, 19 November 2012

It didn't all fall apart....

I took the day off yesterday, from everything work, casa chaos and the blog...sorrry! It was our youngest son's birthday and we island hopped to Tenerife and spent the day as tourists which was fun. It was a very long day and we had to leave casa chaos for 16 hours, which was stressful. I worry about everything, and have to be organised, and in control. Therefore, when away I worry about the animals, and what is happening in my absence, however, it appeared very little did actually happen.

My daughters boyfriend had the duty of letting the ducks out and putting them away, this is a privilege and I made sure he knew that if he he got it wrong, I would remove his heart with a spoon. Yes, I am really that scary, and he is scared of me which is always good. However, in his defence, he did actually do a good job, and managed to retrieve Jill from up a mountain, and give the rabbits water, so small pat on back!

Everything else seemed to cope, which was fantastic, and restored my faith that I do not need to be here every hour of every day. Although I love Casa Chaos I have begun to feel that it has taken over my life, a friend asked me to join the gym the other day, I pointed out I do not have enough time to brush my hair let along leave the house.

Maybe I need the animals far more than they need me! who knows but it was lovely to have a day off, but even better to be home, back to the chaos, noise, and stress. Now its light I will survey to see what damage was done yesterday, as already found a dead rat, eggs everywhere, oh and JIll out again...welcome home!

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