Friday, 30 November 2012

Billy is missing....

Of all the animals to wander off, I never expected it to be Billy, however, yesterday morning he vanished into thin air. Billy was there when my daughter went to school, swimming around the pond as he always does in the morning, but by the time I returned from the school run at 9am he was gone.

Jessica/Justin is still here which is strange as Billy is never far behind, but he is no where to be found. I looked everywhere, in his favourite hiding places, up and down the barranco, in the reservoir  but no Billy. he hasn't been eaten, well unless the predator ate him whole, leaving no trace.  It is upsetting when an animal wanders off, especially when you have no idea why.

Billy never came back last night, which according to Google is not a good sign, as he should have returned when he got hungry, but no Billy! I am worried about him now, a she would have been out all night, which has never happened. I hope he returns soon, as I think if I put up duck missing posters in the local shop, the Spanish will think that I have finally lost the plot.

Lets hope he waddles home later, or operation duck search will need to be extended further today! how far can a duck waddle? Come home Billy!!!!

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