Sunday, 2 December 2012

Death, illness and bad luck

Winter is setting in here in Casa Chaos, and I have a cold, which is not good at all as I have very little energy at the best of times, and a cold is making everything a chore. I hate being ill, especially when I am so busy on a day to day basis, and at the moment I am really busy. Along with me being ill, everything seems to be going wrong, which makes it all such hard work.

We have lost 4 chickens this week, ranging from new ones coming out of the maternity wing, to fully grown batteries. Anything dying is hard, but when they go in quick succession it makes it more difficult, and typically I don't have the answers, or even the energy to Google the answers. It is cold here at the moment, and before you all jump on the its not that cold bandwagon, it is cold for GC.

Billy has still not returned which is also getting me down, as I hate not knowing where an animal is, and if they will return. I hope that he will waddle up the drive, but too be honest I cannot see this happening any time soon. Lets hope we get through the winter with no more causalities, and that I can shift this cold quickly!

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