Monday, 24 December 2012

They don't care its Christmas!

When you have animals they don't care what day or date it is, that everyone around the world is enjoying time sat indoors, eating, drinking and having fun! It may be Christmas Day, however, everything still needs feeding, cleaning, watering, and generally taking care of. I'm just hoping that for one day everything can behave and stay where it is supposed to be.

My daughters flat has turned into a medical station, as AL our big cock has hurt his foot, so he has had to be removed, and we have no where to put him as Jessica has to be locked in the feed room, a she/he is smashing Lucys eggs. On top of the AL problem, she also has a chick, which needed to be removed, so that is also upstairs. Just another day in Casa Chaos...but would we have it any other way, god YES!

I do wonder if everyone with animals have the same dramas and issues as us, or whether all problems head straight for casa chaos with glee. So, I am off to check everything has food, is where it is supposed to be, and then maybe we can have a semi normal day. A normal day would be too much to ask for, but a semi normal one may just be possible!

Have a great Christmas guys and see you manana, after the presents, eating, drinking, and attempting to be a normal family for the day :)

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