Thursday, 13 December 2012

Kindred spirits

There are very few people that understand me, that know when I am joking and when I am being serious, and want to get to know the crazy lady! However, recently I seem to be attracting the same sort of crazies into my world! I have always pondered whether there is other crazy people like me, and it appears there are, which is strange but comforting all rolled into one!

One guy who I have met through FB, yes I know we shouldn't talk to strangers, however, he is very funny! He has a phrase that he uses all of the time, which makes me chuckle, and I had to research what it meant. This guy will often refer to me as "Mad as a box of frogs" which I had never heard of before, took no offence by, and whenever I hear it it makes me smile...but what does it mean?

On further research it appears that this phrase means I am " A total f**king fruitloop" which should offend, but actually he is sooo right! I had never heard of the expression until he said it, and it is now one of my thank you "GC" you bring a smile to a crazy ladies face! 

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