Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cold chickens

It is really cold here, now I know it is not as cold as many places around the world, but for GC it is cold. and everything knows it here in Casa Chaos. The other morning when I did the school run it was 8c, which was so exciting for my son he kept going OMG take a picture. I have lived in GC for a while now and have never seen it so cold, but apparently that's what I get for living in the culo del mundo. I don't like the cold, and my mood rapidly deteriorates when I am cold, however, I have discovered that the chickens like it even less.

I now fully understand why people put those little woolly jumpers on their chickens  remember the ones I mocked in a previous blog! Well I now need some, how I will put them on the chickens who knows, but they are cold! You see them all huddles up in a corner with their heads tucked in under their feathers. Actually they look like a bunch of headless chickens which looks strange, but funny! During the day it warms up and they are all out and about, but for the first few hours of the day they are really cold.

I'm just pondering how long it would take me to A) knit 70+ little jumpers as I hate knitting and have never completed a whole project and B) how long it would take me to catch all the chickens to put their new jumpers on! and then there is the question of do the jumpers stay on all the time, or when they get warm during the day do I go down there to remove the jumpers!

In the end I have decided that all of this would be far too stressful, time consuming, and could finally push me over the edge into the pool of complete insanity! Therefore, extra straw was placed in nesting areas as this was far easier and did not require me to knit!


  1. Found your blog via a Facebook post that led to a Pinterest pin which led me here. This post made me laugh out loud and now I'm hooked. I'll be sharing your blog with some other chicken-lovers I know.

    My chickens got cold last week when the temp dropped below 70F. Egg production was way down. What can I say? They are Florida chickens.

  2. Welcome to my mad world :-) Im the same we live in Gran Canaria so when it gets below 20c the chickens panic....