Thursday, 27 December 2012

Something so simple

Why does everything in life have to be a battle, including getting something so simple as wormer's for the chickens. Im no expect but I suspect that the chickens have worms, and I know many other chicken keepers that worm their chickens. Therefore, I thought I would be responsible and do the same, healthy happy chickens happy eggs!

So, I considered where to get the wormer's from and thought that the logical place would be the vet, however, there is nothing logical about our vet. Our vet is lovely, but lacking in any knowledge for any animal larger than a dog. Therefore, when he sees me approaching his heart sinks, as he has no idea what I am going to ask for next.

Apparently they do not have chicken wormer's, but could order me some, there you go problem solved....wait never that simple. I could have paste, or tablet form. I expressed to the vet, did he not know how many chickens I had, and how long worming 60+ chickens would take!! I asked if he had the wormer's that go into water or feed, but no, why would they this is Spain of course.

There was then a long debate on the worms, how long were they, had I actually seen them, and why was I bothering to worm the chickens. What type of chickens they were, errr feathered laying egg variety! and how old. At this point I was bored, but then he said he had found something... wormer's for cows! I pointed out I don't have cows, I have chickens, slightly different farm animal!

After a very long conversation, and no success I felt disheartened as I could not believe that no one in Spain wormed their chickens. So, I thought I would call the feed store lady, she is sooo wise! and bingo, she said you simply pop along to the farmacia, and ask for the worming solution..why didn't I just ring her in the first place.

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