Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Just another day in chaos

I had high hopes for yesterday, but alas they were soon gone as I realised that it was just another day in chaos. I do wonder why my animals are weird, and cannot do anything they should. As I went down to "quickly" feed everything and do water duties, I realised that it may have been Christmas day, but it was far from normal.

The chick that had been rescued had died, there was a dead chicken in the orchard and Jack and Jill were half way to the next village. At this point my heart sank, and I knew my quick visit was going to be longer than expected. After tracking down the goats and returning them to their pen, I realised that AL needed to be returned to the feed shed, as chickens and bathrooms do not mix.

I have no idea how people can keep chickens/roosters in their houses as they stink, sorry if I offend anyone, but all animals should be in the appropriate housing facility, and my daughters bathroom was not it at all.

Therefore, today's project is to build a hospital wing, next to the maternity wing! Grand ideas in my head, however, in reality  it is very likely to be some pallets thrown together with a chicken wire roof, voile a hospital wing! No I have not lost the plot, but we often get sick chickens, which end up in bathrooms, which is not good, so why not build my own sick bay, I wont say it will help me save any of the ill chickens, but it will remove them from my house.

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