Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Decorations

Christmas is fast approaching which means that my children relentlessly ask for the tree to be put up until I give in and spend hours faffing with the decorations. In all fairness this nagging has nothing to do with the Christmas feeling, it is because I put the presents under the tree as soon as it goes up. This will then cause the "you have more than me" argument, followed with the continuous shaking to see what the present is, until it can be shaken no more.

In all fairness I do like the tree when it goes up, however  within a very short space of time, typically a week I am bored of it and want it back down! I join the children in the countdown to Christmas, not for the presents, but for when I can remove the tree! Unfortunately  we have two Christmases here, which results in the tree needing to stay up even longer.

Someone asked me the other day if I was decorating the chicken coop and orchard, and I stopped for  a moment, not to consider this insane thought, but to think they were really stupid for asking. Why on earth would I want to give the chickens anything else to poop on and eat!

However, it seems that many people do in fact take the time to decorate their chicken coops, and provide their feathered friends with some Christmas cheer! I seriously do worry about people on this planet. Anyway, I suppose if they have the time, energy and money to put decorations up for their chickens then good for them. Who am I trying to kid, they are insane! and need to attend therapy!

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