Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rooster Herding

I think that for the next Olympics they should have Rooster herding, which will defiantly determine who is fit, and who is not! I fall into the later category  and openly admit that chasing roosters around the orchard nearly killed me. Roosters are far smarter than chickens, maybe it is because they have nothing to do all day but eat, molest chickens and eat.

I was asked to donate a rooster to a lady in the food project, and I was happy to help as I have been searching for somewhere to deposit the mass amount of surplus roosters I have. The lady came and collected the rooster that we had managed to catch, and I asked if she would like any more. She said that she would happily take as many as we could spare, to either eat or sell.

I knew catching the roosters was out of the question as they are fast, but I thought we could herd them into an empty pen. So, that is what we did by letting everything out of the orchard the roosters followed, and it was only a question of herding the roosters to where I wanted them. This worked for the first few, then the others got wise to this plan.

Plan B, we had to put everything back and try to chase the roosters out of the orchard, this took far more effort, including me, two children a rake and two brooms. Do not criticise the expert rooster chasing equipment as it works perfectly. After much swearing, chasing, throwing of brooms, we had roosters in the pen. This felt good, as they had been a headache for so long, and we needed them gone, as I was feeding them for nothing.

We gave away 6 roosters which sounds a lot, unfortunately  we still have far too many, and operation rooster will need to commence again soon. I want to get the roosters down to a manageable amount, and we seem to always have more roosters than hens in every batch of chicks.

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