Monday, 10 December 2012

Stop bringing me animals

Why does everyone think that I am an animal whisperer? I do not have the answers, money or eternal knowledge to save everything on the planet! However, people keep suggesting me for animals, or bringing me animals to deal with. Yesterday was my daughter that appeared with yet another creature to add to the collection.

I can here my daughter approaching as only teenagers can manage with heavy footsteps, and loud music, however, yesterday there was another noise. In-between the terrible choice of music, I could hear chirping, very young chirping! As she approached the office I shouted " do not bring that in here" with her reply of "you don't know what it is" like that would make a difference!

Round the corner she emerged with a chick, a very small chick and proudly begun the story of how she heard the chick, found the chick, looked for others and there was only one, and now the chick was sat on my printer. In Casa Chaos this does not seem unusual, however, I'm sure it should be odd to have a chick sat on the printer.

So, at this point I enquire what she intends to do with the chick, and she proudly declares keep it, and look after it and be mummy to the chick! Now my son tried this before, and it is far harder than you imagine as chicks need their feathered mum's but who am I to tell her no. Too be honest as long as it wasn't something else I had to look after I didn't care!

Off went my daughter, the chick, some food and a cat carrier, as she passed her brother, he flippantly commented with "its going to die!" Always the realist is my son, he has seen the chicks  come and go, and he has begun to realise that some die and some live. We will see what happens with this one, you never know she might make an excellent chicken mum....she can't look after herself properly, but hey the chick may be lucky!

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