Sunday, 23 December 2012

She has invited the family

Remember the chicken from next door who turned up with her two chicks, well we had let them roam loose in the orchard, as she was a very protective mum. I was ok, with this and she seemed capable of keeping an eye on her offspring, maybe next door breeds far more intelligent chickens than me! hmmmm anyway, she had two chicks, which is a small number but I thought no more of it until yesterday.

Our new addition suddenly appeared with six more chicks! they are smaller than her first two, so she either phoned a friend and told them to throw their chicks over the fence as there was free food and loggings here, or she hatched the rest of her brood. Either way two became eight, and now her family seems to be expanding.

I am a little concerned that if she continues, by the end of next week she would have moved the whole orchard into ours! oh well lets hope she stays and that she doesn't fly back once they are all grown. On a bonus we did manage to get her and her ever expanding family into the maternity wing, which she doesn't appear to like, but it allows us to keep an eye on them all easily.

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