Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Billy is home

Blogging that Billy is home is not something that I thought I would be writing, as although I am optimistic about animals returning, as the time went on longer my hopes were fading. I knew Billy couldn't fly far, therefore, he must have wandered off somewhere. We had searched up and down the barranco, in the road and around the finca. As he could not get into the orchards the area within the finca was limited, but we searched.

Everything I Googled indicated that he would come back within 24 hours, and after that time period it was unlikely. My biggest fear was that Billy had ended up on some Spanish guys dinner plate, however, after 7 days of being missing we have Billy back. The ironic thing is that he had never gone very far, and proved that his nosiness will be the death of him.

Billy loves two things in life, his pond and being nosey, if there is a bag open Billy is there having a look to see what is going on.  After we had fed everything yesterday, we were walking back up to the house watching Tazzy (the kitten) playing with feathers. Now feathers here are not unusual, but she seemed to have a large amount of them, which was odd.

Tazzy has no fear, and is often found wrestling animals that are far bigger than her, and proudly dropping them at my feet. She is also in places that she shouldn't be, and yesterday was no different, as she was in the pipes for the water tanks. We have a large storage tank to collect water, and from this there are several concrete pipes, they are quite large, and often Tazzy plays in them.

As we watched her, she kept running into the pipe, and returning backwards with a mouthful of white feathers. After a while she obviously had hold of her prize as she struggled, and pulled and growled and pulled. To our complete amazement out popped Tazzy dragging Billy by his tail feathers, looking very sorry for himself, extremely dirty, and missing many feathers.

Billy had obviously got nosey, waddled into the pipe and got stuck, if Tazzy hadn't found him we would never have known he was there. I'm not sure if Tazzy saved Billy, or whether she was claiming her prize of dinner, but either way she is a clever kitty. Billy looked ill, very pale, and wobbly on his feet, however, off he waddled and went straight in his pond! Hopefully he has learnt by his mistake, and will not stick his head where it is not supposed to be in the future.

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