Monday, 3 December 2012

No Power....

Living in an old house our power goes off quite often, which is usually the result of overloading the plugs, having far too many electrical pieces of equipment, and not realising that you cannot put the microwave, kettle, oven and hob on all at the same time. However, last night when we were plummeted into darkness, it was through no fault of my own.

The whole area went out, which is spooky, and as you will remember I so not like the dark. Thankfully I know where the torch and candles are. Something to light the candles took slightly longer, more stress, some shouting, but eventually candles were lit. Now comes the debate, what to do when its dark! well I cleaned the kitchen and folded the washing by torch light. However, I was aware that if I kept the torch on it may go flat.

OK, what to do, cannot read, cannot watch TV, cannot message anyone as the signal on my phone went as well, oh the joys of living in the culo del mundo. I was relatively calm until I realised I had no phone signal, then the imagination begun to work harder. What if the house burns down, we get broken into or one of us has an accident, I have no way of getting help. In my defence I think if I stood on the terrace and screamed someone would hear me as it was so quiet.

So, back to the debate of what to do....well sleep looks like my only option, what a shame I will have to get some extra sleep. Off I go to the sofa and I lay there, and lay there, and for the first time in history I cannot sleep. This is not good, time is passing, still no electricity, still no lights, panic setting in, what if I cannot sleep as I am concerned that every little noise will kill us.

Eventually the power came back on, after what seemed like an eternity, when in reality it was only 27 minutes and 52 seconds, not that I was counting. Back to normality, where the dark can stay outside, and the house can be lit up, keeping us safe!

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