Sunday, 9 December 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I am ashamed to say that I am fast becoming that lady that everyone dreads seeing, the one with all the animals, and no clean clothes. I don't smell thank god, and I don't randomly throw cats at people like the lady off the Simpsons, however, I do seem to attract animals. The moment I lay on the sofa, they are all there.

It takes a matter of moment for them to realise that I have settled for two minutes, and with that they descend. Every cat has its favourite place, and typically by the time I have all four and Charlie, I can no longer move a part of my body. Thank god I only have the four cats, and I wonder if these woman that have huge numbers get pinned to their sofas for days on end by their cats.

I love all of my animals but do where to draw the line and say NO! I have to practise at least 20 times a day in the mirror...NO...NO..NO! (until the next time) Seriously though I can see how it is far too easy to become a crazy cat lady, as there are far too many that need helping. So for the moment I will continue to keep moving so that the little bodies cannot settle, and enjoy the status of being the crazy cat lady...or is that just the crazy lady!

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