Friday, 14 December 2012

And still she sits

Lucy is still on her eggs, which seems to be forever, so off I Googled, and it seems that new mums can sit on their eggs for up to 50 days!! We are so protective of these eggs, and are ensuring that they are well protected, especially after Jessica's, little hissy fit the other night. The ducks have always shared a house, and the extension was to provide them with some more room, howver, Jessica is boisterous, and gets very rough.

We unfortunatly came down the other morning to find Jessicas smashing the eggs, and happily eating the contents, I was mortified, and quickly stopped her. The two that she had smashed were fertilised, and their were ducklings forming which was upsetting, but like everything we moved on, and thought of a plan B.

Plan B was to move Lucy and the eggs into the extension away from the mad duck, and to safety, however, this wasn't successful, and Lucy wanted her eggs where she had laid them and no where else. I was cared that she would abandon the eggs if we interfered too much, so I out them back..onto plan C, we had to separate Jessica.

The plan was to put Jessica in the extension every night block her in so that she could not get through to the other ducks, the first night this took ages, as ducks are creatures of habit and hate change, hmmm maybe I am a duck! However, it seems that Jessica has now excepted that this is her fate as she cannot play nicley with others hmm again sounds like me!

So Lucy sits, and we wait, and wait, and wait.....

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  1. Say, "...and still she sits.." 10 times fast.

    We have one broody girl, but we can't have roosters, so Little Alice gets moved away from the eggs into her own little crate every now and then. Someday we'll have a place that doesn't discriminate against the males.