Sunday, 30 December 2012

The hatching has begun

Lucy has caused great stress over the last few weeks, as she has been a very nervous expectant Mum, which has in turn made us nervous. There have been problems with the other ducks, the dogs, people, and generally everything causing Lucy to leave her eggs and have to be encouraged to get back on them. We discovered that our predicted dates were wrong, and that she was going to be sat for far longer than expected.

As with everything here in casa chaos it is a steep learning curve, and we seem to be getting this one so wrong. I am a great believer in nature doing what nature does best, however, I can be so cruel sometimes. Lucy managed to hatch one duckling this morning, but it died, and in typical animal fashion, she simply discarded it and carried on with what she was doing.

I have Googled and apparently the others should begin to hatch any day soon, which I am no longer excited about, more anxious, pacing up and down and worrying. I suppose it is more obvious because she is in front of us, and we can see it all happening. Often the chickens will go off and return with chicks, therefore, removing the element of worry, what you don't know you don't worry about!

On the note of chicks, Omelette, returned yesterday...eleven chicks following behind up the drive, and hopped into the box and was escorted to the maternity wing. This then encouraged the feral chicken to want to return to the luxury and peace of the  maternity wing, so we now have the sounds of chirping once again.

Lets hope Lucy can successfully hatch the remaining ducklings, and I can move on to worrying about something else!

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