Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Egg hoarding

I would love to say that I hoard eggs to spite all of the people that keep asking me for eggs, however, this is not the case. The chickens are there to provide me with eggs, and an income, but at the moment they are doing very little of either. People message me all the time asking for eggs, and I would love to take your money and provide you with eggs, however, if there are no eggs this simply isn't going to happen.

Eggs have become like gold dust and what little amounts they are laying I use within minutes, I even found myself loitering around the egg aisle in the supermarket the other day, trying to bring myself to buy...supermarket eggs! It felt shameful, like I was committing a crime. I stood and starred at the small, shrink wrapped packages, and simply could not bring myself to pick up a box.

I do ponder about the people on this island sometimes, as when I tell them I have no eggs they think I am mad, lying or being spiteful. The consider the fact that I have chickens to be the ticket to eggs, which in theory should be true, but alas, no eggs! I wish I was a better chicken farmer, and could have all the answers, maybe it is because it is cold, maybe it is because they hate me who knows, but either way they are not producing enough eggs!

Lets hope the dry spell does not last and that they begin to lay soon, so I can walk down the street without the fraggles muttering " there she is the secret egg hoarder" I promise you guys when I have eggs, you will have eggs, it is as simple as that, and until then you will have to go and be shameful and buy supermarket eggs!

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