Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I must be getting soft....

Over the last few days I have met some fraggles that are..well..OK, they are not like other fraggles, and it has shown me that there are some normal people clinging to this rock we call home. I have been chatting to other people that have the same interests as me, and understand why we live in this chaos we can home.

There was one lady that made me smile yesterday, I know her, and have met her a few times, but never had a real in depth conversation with her. However, we were chatting as she lives in a finca on a different part of the island, and she wanted to come and visit. I pointed out that it is chaos, and this apparently was what attracted her to visiting.

Where Mrs N lives is calm, peaceful with her 5 chickens, and a beautiful vegetable patch where she grows her herbs and daily delights. Her finca is smaller than ours but beautifully formed, which poses the question...why isn't casa chaos like that!! I want peace and tranquillity  perfect vegetables, chickens that lay all the time, and the typical good life.

I enjoy chatting to Mrs N as she understands the mud, animals, and daily toils of life in Spain, trying to cope with the heat, people, and way of life. Mrs N is one of the nice fraggles, however, I did find another this week, which amazes me they are like buses none for years and then two come along in a week. A lady bought some lemon curd (yes I am a domestic goddess as well as mad farmer) from me and we had a conversation about casa chaos, and she also really understood.

Many times when I explain where I live, people have no interest, and listen momentarily, before their mind wanders off to the thought of English TV, or where to get the cheapest pint of lager. However, this lady listened, and got it, and was interesting, and informative. So thank you ladies, you have restored my faith in the fact that I am not the only normal person on this island, there are a few of us...

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