Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Outfit change

When my children were little I was aware that I used to have to check my top for baby puke before leaving the house. Every mother knows that babies have an ability of dribbling down your back in a spot that you cannot see. Therefore, you learn to check your top before leaving, and often changing into something else.

Now my children have grown up, I thought I was saved from this daily ritual, but no with animals I have to check every part of me. I will often be out and someone will point out that I have something on my shoes, jeans, jumper or in my hair. This unidentified substance can be anything including, flour, animal feed, straw and poop!

Thankfully I do try and avoid going out with poop on me, but hey who knows living where I do! In fact the other other I did question a strange brown substance that was on my jeans. Some woman pointed at me and told me that I had something on my leg, I wasn't in the mood for stupid comments, so answered with a flippant "yeah, probably poop" her face had this distorted look of disgust.

So I stuck my finger in it, licked my finger, waited long enough for her to look truly disgusted, and commented "oh, no chocolate" This did brighten my day, however, I did make a mental note to check everywhere before leaving Casa Chaos, to ensure that I am clean, presentable, and ready for the outside world.

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