Saturday, 24 November 2012

Forever homes needed

I do a lot of work with TARA  who are the animal charity on the island as they attempt to change peoples attitudes towards animals. This incredible organisation have no funding, and rely entirely on donations, and volunteers. We have some of their dogs here, on a foster basis, some before they fly off to their forever homes and others, whilst they are stills searching for their perfect forever home.

We have fostered quite a few, they come they go, and not many touch my heart, however, we have one at the moment, Barney! Now Barney is an old man, who was dumped, which is not unusual for here, I will never understand people, but it happens all the time. When I got the call to go and collect Barney, I was warned that he was a state, and oh boy was he ever!

It was obvious that Barney had not seen a bath or brush in many years, and the poor old soul could hardly see for the hair beneath his eyes. However, once clipped, he had kind eyes, and very big ears. Barney is sweet, and loves everything, and I am hoping that he finds his forever home very soon! For people that read the blog here in GC, please don't buy puppies, adopt, and if you can take a moment to consider whether you could give Barney a forever home :)

Barney when he was found..

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