Friday, 2 November 2012

Ducks and their eggs!

We bought the ducks to provide eggs, but more than that we want ducklings. When Lucy arrived we had a flurry of eggs, but then they stopped, which could have been a number of reasons. However  we were disappointed  and kept hoping for an egg or two to appear. As the other ducks are getting older, eggs should have appeared, but as we now know that Jessica is in fact Justin, this only leaves Lucy and Nellie.

However, the wishing and hoping paid off as the other day an egg appeared, and then another, and then another. Smaller eggs were also appearing so we think that Nellie is laying as well which is fantastic news. however, in typically stupid duck fashion they decided to lay in the doorway of the duck house! so ewe have had to move all the eggs into the duck extension. As soon as we did Nellie jumped on them and begun mothering, I think we have found her purpose in life.

Google was consulted and it seems that they will continue to lay eggs until they have at least 20 eggs, and then hopefully one of them will set. With some luck, and good mothering we may have ducklings, sooner than anticipated! 

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