Sunday, 21 October 2012

Grown up decisions...

Peppa is nearly ready, she managed to put on a whopping 18KG in a week which means that she is now an impressive 86KG. There are no rules when it comes to her being butchered, however, we want to ensure that we do the whole process as accurately as possible. Who am I trying to kid, we are blagging it as with everything we do, I keep Googling, asking and searching for the many answers that now need to be asked.

I had a conversation with the butcher the other day, and thought that he was going to deal with everything, and return her shrink wrapped, in bite size pieces with no trace that she had been standing in our orchard a few days before. Oh how naive I am!!! I was asked a million questions, which I had no idea of the answers. I made myself look an Inexperienced farmer...oh wait I am!

The biggest decision that it appears that I need to make is when she will be butchered, and this seems to be causing debate. I have never changed my opinion that she will be butchered, I have no desire for her to stay, and can happily see her as a bacon sandwich..however, to make the final decision seems to be an issue. I think today we will need to make the final decision and the arrangements will be made.

Someone asked in the beginning if we would do this whole process again  and too be honest I'm not sure at the moment. I want to see it through until the end, and see what we get from her in regards to meat. Overall keeping Peppa was not a major issue, it didn't cost that much in food, just stress, and nerves every time she got out.

So as the day looms for her to go off to be butchered we will continue to stuff her full of carbs and know that she has had five fantastic months. I have no moral problems about the pig rearing process, and still stand firmly that this is the best way to produce natural, home grown meat.

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