Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Biggest mistake yet...we think!

Like everything here purchasing the ducks was done in  a rush, therefore, we didn't research anything about them, including how to tell what sex they were. We relied entirely on the judgement and knowledge of the guy selling us the ducks. This may have been our downfall, as now we are not entirely sure what sex of ducks we have.

We are supposed to have Billy (male) nellie (female) lucy (defiantly female) and Jessica (not sure any more and could in fact be Justin) Jessica is huge, beyond normal duck size to the point that people think she is a goose! We always believed that she was just big boned, however, after last nights jiggy jiggy attempts with the other female ducks we are no longer sure.

Jessica is rather frisky, and is trying to get it on with the other ducks, which leads me to believe that she may in fact be Justin. However, as I rushed off to Google to see if I could identify the sex of ducks easily, I discovered that I was not alone in the mistaken identity duck area. There are thousands of duck owners just like me, wondering why their sweet girly ducks are getting it on with everything that moves.

Apparently it is very common for female ducks to be show no interest at all in male ducks, but have a soft spot for the other female ducks. Only here could we have managed to pick one cripple duck and one gay duck in the same batch!!Oh well, it looks like it is down to Lucy to give me ducklings, come on girl get on with it!

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