Monday, 8 October 2012

Operation fatten Peppa

We have weighed Peppa again, and it looks like we need to begin operation bulk her up, as she is under weight for the duration of her lifespan. Before having Peppa I didn't know that there were targets for the pigs weight, in fact before having Peppa I didn't know a huge amount about pigs at all!! Therefore, Google is god, and everything is a learning curve, which works 90% of the time.

When we aquired Peppa we were told that in November she would be collected, and transformed into edible bite size pieces, which sounded easy. However, on researching more, I soon discovered that I should have been told a few more pointers, such as how much to feed an ever expanding animal, and what she needs to eat to be succulent..I mean healthy!

I read that whatever you feed your pig, the meat will taste of, well lets hope we all like mango pork! however, other than that, scraps and pig food she doesn't get a lot of anything else. It seems she isn't getting enough of what she needs. A pig according to Google, did I mention it is god! needs to be between 90-100KG for slaughter.

Back in August when we weighed her, with the magical measuring tape, and the scientific calculation she was 36KG, which I thought was OK, however, yesterday she is weighing in at only 68KG which means she needs to put on at least 27KG in a month!!! Therefore, operation lets feed the pig till she bursts must commence.

I have no idea what will happen if she is not up to weight, I don't know if she will taste bad, or not be as good a quality meat, however, I set out to do this project correctly, maybe haphazardly, but I do not want to fail at the last hurdle. So, Im off to find high protein, fattening foods to feed Peppa, and I will hit that target weight, its like fat camp, just in reverse!


  1. I was in the FFA in high school and I believe what happens is either you have to wait longer to butcher or you just don't get as much meat. 200lb at 6months is peek food/pound production. You get the most meat for each pound of food you have fed her. The older she gets the more feed you have to give her per pound of weight she puts on. It's just economics.

    I'm a new reader and have been really enjoying your blog:-)

  2. Oh wow, thank you for that useful information...we are still learning, so all advice appreciated :-)