Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The date has been set....

Finally we have decided the date that peppa will be butchered  she has one more weight in but we are confident that she is at her target weight. I am not announcing the date to anyone, as I am concerned that I will have a mob of angry "save Peppa" campaigners stood in the drive. However, the butcher s booked, and the realisation of rearing an animal for meat has set it in.

Peoples reactions over the whole Peppa thing still amazes me, and I have found very few people that are interested, or understand what we are doing. Far too many people judge, condemn and make comments that make no sense. They seem to have an image stuck in their head of a small piglet that looks cute, that was raised in the house as a pet.

Trust me Peppa is not cute, she is over 100kg of pure destruction, and has a means et of teeth on her, which have been used on all of us at some point. Maybe it is just human nature to judge things and comment on areas that you have no idea what you are talking about. Am I a pig expert no, but I have consulted the experts, which included Google, and have ensured that everything is going to be done correctly.

The whole journey has been interesting, and now as we discuss the parts of the pig that the butcher will keep , and the parts that we will have it makes the process seem more realistic. The Spanish butcher cannot believe that we do not want her head and trotters, but honestly he can keep those. However, on the same token I am amazed that he turned his nose up at the liver and kidneys!

Although, I have eaten pork all my life, I have learnt a huge amount about just how much can be used from the pig, and that pork produced the most edible meat than any other animal. So, as we prepare for this final part of the journey, we will still hold out judgement as to whether we will rear another pig.


  1. I would not worry. There will always be people who judge. These are the same people who will go to the supermarket or butchers to buy steak, pork or chicken. I wonder what the think how their meat is produced? I cant imagine a factory where meat grows on trees. ;-)

  2. It's the circle of life (sung in my best Elton John voice). Whilst not a meat eater myself I saw first hand that she has had a great life, was well cared for. Had fun at everyone's expense as she laughed at us chasing her round the orchard and will now go on to provide food for the family. Better an organic free range pig that one that is force fed on a mass scale to provide cheap pork filled with phosphates and water to bulk it out in a UK supermarket.