Sunday, 7 October 2012

Helpful Neighbours

As I write this blog there is a heavy hint of sarcasm, as my neighbours are not helpful, to the point that I question their intelligence level. I had a phone call from one of my neighbours the other day about a chicken, not any old chicken but a brown chicken! That was the start of the issue as I have loads of brown chickens yet I was supposed to identify this particular chicken.

They were calling to tell me that one of my chickens (the brown one!!!) was in the barranco with a lot of chicks. Firstly, the barranco is huge secondly what brown chicken, and thirdly, are we actually sure it was mine! The finca next door has chickens, and some of them happen to be brown, so there is a vast possibility that this chicken was in fact theirs.

However, I dispatched the children to go and locate this chicken and see if it had in fact escaped from the POW camp and needed to be brought back. They searched everywhere, but couldn't find the chicken brown or otherwise. So, I had a conversation with another neighbour, who told me that the chicken was brown, yeah I'm gathering the colour of the chicken, however, location details would be helpful.

When pressed for more details, they said the "brown" chicken was under a cactus!! this was a s useless as telling me that the chicken was brown as there are hundreds of cactus's. I was expecting them to tell me that the cactus was green, just to be even more helpful! After a long search, no one could find the brown chicken under the green cactus, so we gave up and conceded that it belonged to next door.

However, if you are driving past the huge barranco, and see a brown chicken under a green cactus with chicks grab them and throw them over my gate please!


  1. Cute post! I just love it! I am your newest follower!!

  2. Hi welcome to my mad world, I hope you enjoy...