Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Are they aren't they.....

We have both the rabbits and the goats which appear to be getting very friendly with each other, obviously with their own breeds and not jack with miss Thunderpussy etc.. anyway, spring seems to be in the air although it is autumn, and everyone appears to be happily mastering the art of jiggy jiggy. This is great, and what they are here for, however, it then poses the question are they pregnant.

Apparently, there is no scientific way of finding out, you simply have to wait, which is that patience thing again! I did consider pregnancy tests, however, the thought of attempting to get Jill to pee on a little white stick is not appealing.

According to Google, we will know that the rabbit is pregnant when she starts to rip her own fur out and make a bed with it! animals are strange. I can confirm there has been no fur ripping, so maybe nothing happening there.

Jill apparently will get fat, well she is doing that, but that may be due to her constant supply of leaves and goat food. Other than that the first we will know about a baby goat is when there is three goats in the orchard instead of two!

In all fairness, we were supposed to monitor things a bit better and calculate due dates etc...but hey this is casa chaos so that was never going to happen! So the jiggy jigy continues, the animals continue to get fat, lets hope that we get some babies at the end of all of this!


  1. :-)
    If bunny is prego, jiggy jigy will stop. She won't be interested anymore (probably the same with goats, but I don't have experience with those). Make sure she has a box in about three weeks to make sure, since some does start nest building a week before kindling (birthing). Some don't start pulling until just a few hours before birth, though.

  2. Thank you for that advice, I will keep an eye on her :-)