Sunday, 14 October 2012

Inferior duck keeper

Every time I have a question to ask the professionals it brings it home to me how inexperienced we are, and how little we know about what we are doing. I can blag most things things, however, the reality that we have living, breathing creatures that can die if we get it wrong is daunting. We are learning along he way, which has cost us some animals, and some tough lessons, however, its all such fun!

The duck extension is finished, and my husband has done a fantastic job as always, providing the ducks somewhere to lay, and escape jessica the monster duck. I am concerned that Lucy hasn't laid for some time now and that the other ducks don't seem to be laying. Therefore, I thought I would venture into the expert territory. Going onto any forum with experienced people is daunting, as they can be incredibly helpful, but also make you feel extremely stupid.

Last night they made me feel the later, with trepidation I posted my question, well in fact it was three, I thought I would hit them on mass. I wanted to know why Jessica was so big, why they weren't laying and  when they would have ducklings. Three straightforward questions I thought, but no within minutes, I was made to look stupid, and completely unaware of anything relating to ducks.

I failed at the first hurdle when the expert on the forum asked " what breed are the ducks" oh god how am I supposed to know they are ducks. It rapidly went down hill from there, and even after I provided photographic evidence of the ducks, it was too late, the damage was done, and I was seen as the thick duck keeper.

Like machine gun fire, the questions kept coming, and I just didn't have the answers, I retreated and left the forum. I do now know that my ducks are Muscovy ducks, that ducks don't lay all year round DUH how could I not know that and that jessica is fat! oh and that I really need to research better before attempting to join the elite animal keepers on professional forums.

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