Tuesday, 8 July 2014


People always say that marriage, holidays and moving house are the most stressful, however, I beg to differ....builders are the most stressful thing you can have in your life. I understand they have a job to do but why do they have to make so much mess!

Finally we have the money to lay our living room floor, now this may not seem like a big event to many, but live with a huge pile of rubble for 5 months,and you will understand why I did a little happy dance. My goat shed is on a slope, therefore, the final part is on a huge slope, which needed levelling.

I found a builder, a guy who understands how crazy I am, which is good and ensures that the working relationship is on a mutual level. In other words we spend the whole time taking the P**s out of each other. However, he is good at what he does, BUT he is so damn messy!

Not only do I have tools EVERYWHERE, but there are empty bags, buckets, and piles of gravel to contend with! My stress levels keep rising as I see the dogs playing in the gravel and spreading it across the garden.

Thankfully the cement pour for the floor is predicted to only take three days, which isn't too bad......who am I kidding OMG three days that is two days too long! So we are now onto day three, my patience has gone, my OCD has kicked in and I find myself tidying up after a builder.

In his defence I do have a living room floor....well nearly, which means that we can finally have somewhere to sit.....well after the walls are finished, the door goes in, the roof gets put on, the window goes in, the walls are skimmed and floor is tiled.........note to self, do not ever decide to build your own home again!

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  1. didnt you have dog and catprints in the cement? ;-)