Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Friend for Every Ocassion

I have very few friends, however, they are play a huge part in my life, and I often chuckle that I have a friend for every occasion. These friends are all special to me, however, if I threw them in a room together they would have nothing in common.

Therefore, when I wanted to go and rescue more battery  chickens, I knew the friend to call. Some of my friends would not even consider the task of going to the battery factory, watching as they bundle far too many chickens into a box.
Yet this friend not only came, but she also stood up to the guys and insisted that there were less chickens in each box.

Miss N is fantastic, she is strong, capable, loving and understanding, she also takes no shit, listens to me moaning about fraggles, and is on my speed dial list for when I get arrested. Going to the battery factory is never nice, and although I may be tough, when I see helpless chickens being carried by their feet and dumped in boxes, even I take a short, sharp breath.

I always look at the bigger picture, and think that by saving these chickens we are giving them a better life, even if it is only for a few years. Battery farms are never going to stop, but if I can change the life of some of these chickens it makes me feel better.

So, with our chickens loaded off we went.........why o why is it always me that has the loose chickens in her car?

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