Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chickens jumpers...

I have a small dog and have often been tempted to buy him a little jumper to wear, however, every time I pick one up my husband pulls a face that indicates that if I purchase one he will pack his bags. Therefore, the doggy clothes remain on the shelves, but I have found a really cool website that sells jumpers and hats for chickens. Now you may be questioning why, you would need a jumper for a chicken, however, if you see the condition of the batteries you would understand why.

There are many charities all over the world that rescue battery hens from the poor conditions of the factories. However, many of these chickens have no feathers, and this leaves them exposed to the elements. Therefore, knitted goods are required to ensure that the chickens remain warm, which is not as silly as it may seem.

With further research I discovered that there are dedicated websites to chicken clothing, and you will be amazed at what people dress their chickens in and how much time they spend on this process. Now I think the whole thing is slightly silly, however, there is something tempting about dressing all of the chickens in little Santa suits at Christmas, or as Leprechauns on St Patricks Day. Therefore, watch this space, as I go in search of a vast quantity of Santa suits for the Christmas photo shoot.

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