Thursday, 2 August 2012

Is she happy to see us?

My daughter is convinced that Peppa is always happy to see her, and that when she comes running over making the strange grunting/squealing sound that only she can do, it is because there is some bond there. However, I am not convinced that the 20KG lump could possibly be affectionate towards anything. As Peppa is growing she is becoming a handful, and her teeth are being used for far more then eating! On several occasions she has nipped someone's leg, and I'm pretty sure it was to see if we tasted good.

Knowing how much to feed Peppa is a challenge, as we need to ensure that she eats enough, but not too much as she will eat and eat without hesitation. Peppa reminds me of a professional eater, that just dives into the plate of food, without any consideration of indigestion. Therefore, ensuring that Peppa has enough food to stop trying to escape, and not too much that she will burst is a headache.

I put my daughters theory to the test and asked her if Peppa is happy to see her when she has a feed bucket in her hand, or all the time. The protests of all the time were loud, but I was still not convinced, so I told her to feed Peppa, and return after she had eaten to see if she got the same reaction. Twenty minutes after she had fed the pig, who had run over, and squealed and stood whilst she rubbed her back the first time.

This time Peppa was laid in her mud bath, soaking up the sun, farting and blowing bubbles (this she does quite often) when my daughter approached, Peppa did not even lift her head, she was more concerned about the mud than any human contact. The enthusiasm was defiantly less, and the fact there was no feed bucket in her hands indicated that it was all about the food!


  1. To be fair I think that's a Baker family versus love of food thing. I'm much more inclined to let you scratch my back when you've got a plate of profiteroles on offer xx

  2. I think you may have just found a solution to your "nosey neighbour" problem. ;) xxx