Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Curry threatening time!

I fully understand that chickens are not machines, and that they have good and bad days, however, unless egg production picks up soon it will be curry time for some! Everyone thinks that farming is relaxing, however, owning chickens is the ideal way to turn you into an anxious, neurotic lunatic. Checking nesting boxes, counting eggs and pondering over reasons for very few eggs has become an obsession.

According to everything that I have read we have done everything possible to attract the chickens to the nesting boxes. Even the famous four, who should be old enough to lay now, are letting me down! There are some common factors associated with egg production including:

  • Old enough to lay...check all of mine in the orchards are old enough...however, I am begining to feel that the famous four are late bloomers!
  • Chickens all healthy and eating well....check, my feedstore bill indicates they eat very well
  • Something to do with their pelvic bones, however, I have no intention of getting that intimate with my chickens and performing a pelvic examination, therefore, I am passing on this one

The nesting boxes are large enough, comfortable enough, have the correct bedding, and are even plumped and fluffed everyday! The chickens love to explore the boxes, kick the bedding out and cause a huge mess, but no incredible egg laying happening!

As I stood in the chicken coop I found myself threatening the freeloading hens with the chicken pie fate, and hoping they were just going through a bad patch..we will see! if not it may be time to call the chicken man, who knows exactly how to deal with chickens that don't lay!

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