Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bunny Farming

We have always had rabbits even before we lived here, as they make fantastic pets for children, and there is something appealing about them. Over time we have acquired two other rabbits, due to personal reasons from their current owners. They are all boys, which is fine, and on the whole they get along, and we never think of them more than our pets. However, whenever our Spanish friends come round they ask if they are lunch!

Eating rabbit here in the Canaries is incredibly common, and even the Spanish kids think it is strange that we have three rabbits as pets. Many have offered to take the fatter of the rabbits, and cook us lunch, I have refused every time. Eating one of the rabbits would be like eating one of the cats, which is odd, and not something that I could stomach.

However, not one to turn down a money making opportunity, one of the Spanish guys we know has offered to buy bunnies off us. After much discussion it seems there is a market for baby bunnies for the pet shops. Now whether you agree with bunny farming or not, it is a subject that is out there, and if you Google there are some awful images of how they keep their rabbits.

We of course are going to breed rabbits in a humane, comfortable and loving way are not hundreds of them! This involved a new "casa stew" bunny enclosure being built to ensure that everyone had enough room. Dutifully my husband got to work, and we now have the equivalent of a 5* hotel for rabbits. All we need now is some female rabbits, and let the breeding begin!


  1. I know that Rabbit is a popular dish but there is no way I could eat it. I can't stand the smell of it cooking either. So bunnies are only pets to me:)

  2. Hi I agree I ate Rabbit as a child, doesn't appeal to me, and our bunnies will always remain pets...however, the new bunnies will be heading off to the Spanish :-)