Sunday, 19 August 2012

Forgive me I have a chicken addiction.....

My name is unexpected farmer and I have a chicken addiction, it has been 21 hours since I last Googled something relating to chickens. I have finally admitted it, and it does feel better knowing that I am not alone in my desire to be in the ranks of the best poultry owners.

I find myself when no one is looking searching on chicken websites for tips and advice on chickens, I often stop to browse the well kept chickens and their beautiful coops. Pondering if my little finca will ever look as stunning as some of the "Chuckington palaces" which are on display. I am embarrassed to admit that I also joined a chicken forum, to discuss these feathered friends with other addicts.

I was on Amazon yesterday searching for school books for my children, when I found myself typing in "chickens" in the search bar, and then gazing longingly at the selection of books available. I even considered buying Poultry Weekly, but thought this may be a step too far and push me over the edge into complete insanity. What has my life become?

My husband and friends question my insanity on a daily basis, however, I do not want to become the crazy chicken lady! Chickens can live for a very long time, therefore, these strange creatures will be part of my life for many years. Within a short space of time, my addiction has grown, and I am concerned that within a few years I will be completely mad, reading Poultry Weekly and talking to the chickens! Oh hang on I talk to them now! is there any hope for me....

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