Saturday, 16 August 2014

Expect the Unexpected

I went to the donkey sanctuary yesterday, we try and get there a couple of times a year. It is a fun, relaxed place that does a brilliant job to educate children and adults about animals. The place has never changed over the years, but is well maintained and all the animals are cared for brilliantly.

Mrs K had never been to see the donkeys so off we went, kids in cars and after a small issue with crap directions...mine not hers we arrived. A pleasant morning was had by all even the sulky 13 year old who refused to ride a donkey. We sat drank coffee, and chatted whilst kids collected feathers, stroked donkeys and messaged boyfriends!

Now, I did have plans to borrow/steal/buy a donkey, but alas it seems donkeys are really expensive. On returning photos were uploaded, thanks to Mrs K and her fantastic photography skills, and everyone asked about my new donkey. I felt sad, I had let my public down, I had not returned home with a donkey in the boot of my car.

Amusing that everyone knows me, and presumed I would come home with a donkey, bought, borrowed or even stolen! Ahhh but I did return home with an extra child.......which was strange as I don't like children.....Bet you all didn't expect that!

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  1. ROFL............. never expect you to do anything that is expected of you. You are a woman full of suprises, makes your life so much more interesting to read for all of us. ;-)