Thursday, 7 August 2014

We Need to get out more!

I have a busy life, and often only leave the house when I have a hundred things to do, and never stop to take time to appreciate the small things in life. I have however, decided that I do need to leave the house more, as I spent 15 minutes watching a bus getting stuck and finding it extremely amusing.

Driving home the other day with my son, we noticed that a bus was following us, which is strange. Not only for the fact that I live where very few human beings venture to, but also a bus is huge, and the roads are small. So, I did what any normal person would do I slowed down so that I did not lose sight of the bus!

As we drove through the narrow mountain roads, my son and I debated why the bus was there. Lost or stolen was our two conclusions, but still we watched the bus as it made its journey up into the mountains. Now one of the last turns on the way to my house is an incredibly sharp turn up a steep hill.

Even I have to stop and make the turn slowly, so we presumed the bus would carry on, and our entertainment would vanish. OH NO! as I continued up the steep hill the bus stopped and begun to make the turn. At this point insanity took over and I stopped the car.

As we both leaned out of the car to watch a bus getting stuck on a bend, which seemed perfectly normal to us, my son grabbed my phone and begun taking pictures of the bus. This all seemed normal as we laughed, and pointed, and kept saying it is not going to make that turn.

After 15 minutes it occurred to me that I was sat in the road watching a bus......and quickly drove off pretending to be normal. With my son bending over the seats to continue watching. My crazy gene certainly runs through that child as proven many times.

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