Sunday, 17 March 2013


Diablo had been missing for a few days, he was never a wanderer, and since I ran him over he was terrified of cars. You never want to think the worst, and I always attempt to remain as positive as possible. However, there is a road close by, and the drivers drive too fast, but I had walked up and down the road with no sign of Diablo.

Sometimes the fact that you cannot find them makes it worse, you need to have news, good or bad to produce closure. I hate not knowing, and even if I have to face up to the truth that he is gone, I need to know. Unfortunately, it was my daughter that found our beloved Diablo, yes, he had been hit by a car, and had got to the bushes, where he had died.

We went to check that it was him, but with his distinctive markings, there was no doubt, I received my closure, and all I could hope that he died quickly, and without too much pain. I question all the time, why the cats are near the road, there is over 25,000 square meters of mountain behind us.

Who knows what attracted him to the road, and all I can hope is that the three remaining cats do not do the same. I'm in those early stages, where I still put out his feed bowl, and still wake up in the morning expecting to see him. The other cats miss him, and I can see Tazzy searching for him every day, why does life have to be so cruel! RIP Diablo x


  1. RIP little Diablo.
    Im so sorry he has gone, he was such a sweet little thing. :-( :-( :-(

  2. So sorry to hear about your beloved kitty.

  3. Thank you guys, he is missed a lot by everyone :(