Thursday, 14 March 2013

Finn and Jake

Children's logic amuses me, and there are many things that my son says that make me chuckle, but deep down he makes a huge amount of sense. We were discussing the ducklings that died the other day, and he claimed to know the reason why. Now, knowing my son this could be numerous reasons, including what was on the TV, and the day of the week.

However, he stated that the ducklings had died as they didn't have names, which caused me to consider this. It is true that people name sick babies as soon as possible to give them an identity, so maybe our ducklings needed an identity of their own. I don't agree that this is why they died, but it could help them in the future. What do I know! let the naming begin, and in true Casa Chaos fashion, I choose Dumb and dumber, or Flip and Flop.

These names were frowned upon, and my son declared Finn and Jake (kids TV programme adventure time just in case you were curious) so the ducklings were named, and before anyone asks I have no idea what sex they are, or who is who, but my son is happy. All I keep thinking now is please God do not let Finn and Jake die.

These two cute bundles of fluff cause me to run up and down the stairs at least 20 times a day as they have the inability to stay were they are put. They seem to spend the whole day attempting to break out of the nicely fenced area, maybe the Kray Twins would have been a better name. So, many times I find them on the other side of the fence, tormenting Jessica.

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