Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lessons are never easy!

Lessons can be hard, and living in casa chaos we know that life is often never easy. There are challenges everyday, and when it seems that things are going right BAM, life throws you a curve ball. Unfortunately  all of our new bunnies have died. I am no bunny expert but I feel that a lack of care from two small people contributed to their death.

The rabbits are the children's responsibility, and too be honest they are usually very good. However, there were some issues last week, and food, water, bedding, you know the essential things were missed for a few days. Do I think that this was 100% the reason the bunnies died, no not at all, but I do feel that it contributed in some way.

Needless to say there was shouting, there were many stern words said, and hopefully they both know that their behaviour has consequences. I am quite harsh on my children, but they are both of an age where they can face facts, that all of these animals rely on us to survive and flourish.

Picking dead bunnies out the box was not nice, and never a job that anyone likes to do, but in many ways it was a learning curve for all of us. The children, hopefully, now understand that they have to be aware of what needs feeding and caring for, and I need to remember that they are children, and will forget things.


  1. That is a hard lesson. I'm sorry it happened, but wish you all success next time.

  2. I hope it was neglect that caused the problem. I raised rabbits for a couple of years when I was a kid and my oldest raises them now. Entire dead litters were not unusual and we never could find causes. It just happened.

    Big reason why I got rid of my rabbits.

  3. I think it was, but who knows, we will see with the next litter :)