Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I cannot believe I have been vandalised, well in fact my nice new shiny wheelbarrow has been and the worst thing is I invited the vandals into Casa Chaos.  My wheelbarrow has remained in excellent condition since purchasing it, and it was never intended to be used as a wheelbarrow. Which is why I was shocked to see the builders using my beautiful wheelbarrow...to mix cement in!

I could not believe it, my heart skipped a beat, and for a split second I was going to storm over and take my beloved wheelbarrow. However, I remembered that people think I am crazy on a daily basis, and this action could confirm all of their suspicions. I had to stand and watch as the wheelbarrow was abused, and vandalised, taking no action for their cruel behaviour.

Every so often I would pop over to where they were working, they thought to check on them, I was in fact checking on the wheelbarrow. I cannot believe that they did not realise that the wheelbarrow was never intended to actually be used for anything other than transporting soft materials such as straw.

Finally they finished, and although they washed all of the cement from her shell, she would never be the same again. The wheelbarrow had gone from a pristine item, to a used, and worn workhorse, with scratches, and small dents. Oh well, it was done now, and I would have to face the facts that my wheelbarrow would never be the same again!

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