Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Flying chickens

I have said it once and I will say it again chickens are stupid, not just a little stupid but incredibly stupid. Spring has sprung which means that the chickens all want to sit on eggs, and have their own batch of chicks. After spending most of last year attempting to deter this fact, this year I have held my hands up and said whatever!

So, I have quite a few chickens in various places on eggs, some we know about and others have just vanished, which means they are likely to appear at some point. Now, Mama Bantom is the leader of the chickens, the almighty wise one, who apparently sees and knows everything. I was told this by a wise woman in the village!

Yet, why does she insist on laying eggs 7ft up on a roof, this is truly stupid, as when the chicks hatch they have to perform a leap of death into the maternity wing. Now granted they fall into the maternity wing, which does save me a job of rounding them up, but even so, come on these chicks cannot fly. All that happens is they fall, now some survive, and others don't.

The ratio this time was quite good, she hatched four chicks, three are running around and one was like a skydiver whose parachute didn't open. Some would say the ratio was good, but I cannot work out what goes through the chickens mind to think, hey I know what I will lay my eggs up here and then get my chicks to leap to the floor, whilst I glide down using my wings.

Anyway we have three more chicks to add to the already expanding maternity wing, which is good, more chickens more eggs, but as we know Casa Chaos produces more roosters than any other farm in the land. Lets wait and see what this batch brings, and wait for all the others to hatch.

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