Monday, 4 March 2013

How much rain???

We were predicted a storm, we went to red alert and waited, the schools were closed, and Canarians lit their fires, which is a sure indication they are not leaving their homes. As with everything on this island it wasn't as bad as predicted, however, the homes are simply not designed for bad weather, so we all leak. The first night the storm hit it was windy, and when I say windy I mean lift the roof off windy. Our old finca rattled, and moaned under the strain of the power behind the wind.

The goats headed to their cave, and refused to come back down, which was a clear indication they knew something was happening. Just as the skies opened and the rain fell, a chick decided that it would make a break for it round the orchard and into the barranco. Now I don't like the rain, hate to be out in it, which is why for  split second I thought Nah leave the stupid chick, but I just couldn't so off I went to rescue the stupid thing.

With everything put to bed, the gazebo tied down, hubby informed of the bad weather, and told to park the car out of the drive, it was time to ride out the storm. The next morning, devastation was everywhere, trees were blown down, fences ripped out of place, and animals missing. AL was missing, so were the goats, and McFly and her chicks.

Everything else appeared fine, wet, cold but ok, which was a relief now to find the missing animals. Eventually everything was found, but the goats remained in their cave, staring down on us all, with those knowing eyes. As the day went on the rain refused to stop, and I remembered why having animals in the sunshine is far better than in the rain.

Around 5pm the moment happened we had been waiting for all day, we heard a rumble, the ground shook, and the barranco filled. We were prepared this time, the car was out of the drive, and we didn't have to go anywhere, oh apart from the fact that my daughter was out walking the dogs. She was on one side, we were on the other, a long walk for her to get home!

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