Monday, 18 March 2013

Hot Potatoes and Pliers

I discovered the most amazing thing to do with a hot potato yesterday, and it truly showed how exciting my life has become. What better thing to do on a wet Sunday afternoon than remove roosters spurs. At one time I would have curled up on the sofa, watched some rubbish on TV and drunk coffee, but now I sit on the cold bathroom floor, with a rooster, a hot potato and a pair of pliers.

I would love to justify this statement and claim that it wasn't as bizarre as it sounds, but it really was, and something that everyone should try (only joking) Ok, so how did I end up on the bathroom floor, removing spurs, well that would be down to Google, who is God as you know! Don't worry we weren't just removing spurs, we were also cutting off part of AL's foot.

AL's foot has still got Bumbelefoot, and although we have let him out with the rest of the chickens he is hopping around, and cannot put any weight on the foot. This meant that we had to remove more of his foot, which involved our make shift surgery on the bathroom floor. After much soaking, cutting, soaking, oh and blood, we removed the lump.

Whilst sitting on the floor, I noticed that one of his spurs was huge, and digging into his other leg which must have been uncomfortable, so off I went to Goggle. Apparently, the spurs do need cutting or removing, and there are a number of ways to do this. You can either cut with a hacksaw, this didn't appeal, grind down with a Dremmel, didn't have one of those, rip the spur out, causing blood, nope had seen enough of that thank you.

Just as I was going to give up, I stumbled upon a lady who was looking for an alternative method to remove the spurs, and had used a hot potato and a pair of pliers. I had to read more, purely because it sounded so bizarre. You have to cook a potato in the microwave until boiling hot, ram it on the end of the spur, wait five minutes, remove the potato, and grab spur with pliers, twist back and forth, until voile the spur pops off.

Right up until the spur came off I was thinking what the hell am I doing, and what the hell is going to happen, but it works, it really does! In all honesty I didn't realise that there is a smaller spur underneath, so when the top one popped off I was shocked to see a mini one, but it worked! In true Casa Chaos style, my son wants to make a necklace out of AL's spur, can my day get any stranger!