Friday, 29 March 2013

Dog Biscuit Thief

Food is always going missing here in Casa Chaos, and typically the goats are blamed for every disappearance. As you all know we have caught Jack with his head in the feed bins on more than one occasion  However, this time it wasn't the goats that had been stealing the dog biscuits, and finally we caught the culprit.

There is often a bowl of dog biscuits left down by the orchard, in the dog pen, and even with no dogs around these biscuits were vanishing. Not quickly, not in one batch, but slowly over time they were defiantly going. No animal can get in to the pen without being let in, so unless the goats had learnt to un bolt doors, and close as they exit, it wasn't them.

To be honest Jack and Jill do have fussy eating habits, and dog biscuits had never appealed to them in the past. However, in Casa Chaos we never say never, and stranger things have happened, than goats eating dog biscuits. I was convinced that it was the rats, which would be unusual as they have been known to sneak off with the odd biscuit.

Yesterday the thief was caught on camera, and I would never have suspected her at all, as she wanders around looking innocent, not the dog biscuit type of girl in my opinion. Lucy was the thief, and stole the biscuits without having to enter the pen. As she innocently wandered past she would look to see if anyone was watching, dip her head into the pen, retrieve her prize, before wandering off to enjoy the meaty treat.

Lucy did this on several occasions and had a morning feast before returning to the pond and the other ducks. My only question is should I be worried that the duck is eating meat flavoured dog biscuits, or only be concerned when she barks!

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