Friday, 8 March 2013

Is Natural the Best way?

I have always considered nature to be a strange thing, and that sometimes it just isn't nice or fair, which explains why so many things are now produced and grown artificially. I was offered an incubator when we first moved into Casa Chaos, but declined as I felt that no one could ever substitute a mother to be able to care for a new born animal.

This has proven to be a bad judgement call on my part, and I now understand why so many people who want to make money from their livestock, choose to incubate. Over the year I have lost more chicks, and had more un-hatched than I thought possible. I remain adamant that Mums do know best, well unless you  are a chicken or duck.

Billy has managed to lose one of his ducklings, and when I say lost I mean lost, as it was there as I went to the school, and when I returned it had gone. Now, dead bodies are horrible, but at least you have closure and can move on. I hate it when animals just vanish, it causes me restless nights, and worry, which I do not need.

I searched for the duckling, but nothing, it could have been eaten by the cat, the rats, fallen in the furrow, run off, who knows, but it was gone! Billy was wandering around completely oblivious to the fact that he was missing one, I didn't expect him to tell me where the duckling was, but you would have thought he would have been a bit more concerned.

So, our four are now three, and I begin to wonder why life is so cruel, why it can't just let things live, and be happy, and why I manage to loose so many animals. Should I go down the path of stealing eggs and incubating them rather than letting nature do its job. I still feel this is not an option, even if nature is so crap at its job!

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